Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Samstag Morgen.

Hi all.

I will travel Saturday morning with a Wochenende Ticket, i will return saturday night as well with the same ticket. There is 5 spots and I take 2. Let me know who will join. You must not return Saturday night with us.

Mark and Friend (2) + ?


  1. We'd like to join.
    Means Kati and Jan.


  2. Then that is 5.

    Who is left to travel?

  3. So we have two options.

    We can ride from the Hbf and it is 7km(but we will get lost) or we can go to Dortmund Barop(750m to court)

    Köln Hbf 6:49 - Dortmund Hbf 8:15
    Dortmund Hbf 8:41 - Dortmund-Barop 8:45


    Köln Hbf 7:21 - Hagen Hbf 8:19
    Hagen Hbf 8:43 - Dortmund-Barob 9:13

    What do you want to do?

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  5. I will buy the ticket now for the train. You must buy your own Bike ticket before we go.